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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Update on the Bruton recital

Well, Helen sang very well, despite having had a bad throat all week. The newly-acquired grand piano in Bruton church sounded well, according to listeners, but I found it hard to manage. The sustaining pedal needs adjustment.

There was a small but enthusiastic audience who not only enjoyed the evening, but gave more than £100 for the Soundwell Music Therapy charity.

The acoustics of the church are fine. Since the piano is on a wooden platform at the end of the south aisle, we performed from there, and people sat nearby. When it was quite dark in the second half, we were glad of the anglepoise to shine on our music. It was adjusted so that, I hope, it didn't shine in the eyes of the audience.

Different people had favourite songs. For one it was Sea Fever, for another Tom Bowling, and one lady was particularly taken with the Madeleine Dring setting of Betjeman. I must say that I particularly like that one, too.

I look forward (with some nervousness) to hearing the recording that Jean made.

Our next recital is in St Cuthbert's, Wells, during their festival in September.

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