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Friday, 21 March 2008

How's the building getting on?

Fri 21 March

Once the builders got going on the Houndwood site the whole place
changed quickly. Now there's a terrace facing West End, that looks as
if it will fit quite well with the older houses next to it. There's
also a temporary building that looks like a sales office. Behind, I
haven't seen much except a levelled surface.

The highways department has been busy, too. We've had a roundabout between the
Clarks warehouse and Gravenchon Way, with Sainsbury and Lidl and the
only petrol station left in Street. And probably everyone in Street has
been puzzled by what is happening where West End joins the bypass, and
most of us have been held up by the works. There are kerbs in the
middle of the road, and what may well turn out to be traffic lights.

Did I miss something, or did the highways department just decide to do this
without consulting anyone or informing us locals what the final
arrangement is to be? I gather that legally they can do whatever they
think fit. Is that right?

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