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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Walton windows, and the memories they evoke

This interesting email comes from Enid Thresher now in Somerton.

As an ex-chorister, (leader too) Sunday school teacher and member of the
congregation at Walton for many many years (Baptised 1946, married
1967) I'm delighted to see the windows on the web.

We actually called the 'Two Women'window the 'Two Marys'.

And many times when singing a solo from the choir stalls I've fixed on the West window. During my father's recent funeral I found much comfort from the East Window.

And, by the way, you don't mention the Ascension panel at the top.

I still remember sitting on the altar steps during the commemoration service of the
rebuilding in (I think) 1960/1? All the visiting clergy were in the choir stalls. It was also the seating place for the choir at the Induction service of Rev Steadman-Lewis in 1954. And ruddy uncomfortable it was too!! The Bish, of course, (Dr Bradfield who was
at the Coronation) was safely, but probably not comfortably, enthroned
on the Bishop's Throne. The triangular seated one, not the more
upright one.

I used to pass quite a bit of time reading the memorial tablets, including Lord John Thynne.

We used to decorate the windows, laying chicken wire on the sills, covering with moss or something similar and placing bunches of flowers according to season on the
bedding. All the pillars had string fixed top to bottom and flowers
and greenery fixed at intervals. Each club or body attached to the
Church had different windows; e.g. the choir had the Two Marys in the

I hope you might find these memories interesting.


Enid Thresher (daughter of Alf Middleton d

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