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Thursday, 1 May 2008

West End junction - an improvement?

I don't know how long the County Council has been working on the exit from West End to the Walton Road. It seems like months.

Traffic coming from Walton has been sent round the roundabout at Gravenchon Way, that was put in when Sainsburys moved in, and now Lidl as well. A letter to the Gazette proposed that this way of getting into Street from Walton should be made permanent, rather than the traffic-light controlled right turn that's been put in.

The writer seems to reckon the whole exercise has been ill-considered.

It raises the whole issue of the Highways Department and its way of working. It seems that people from the (remote) Country Council can step in and do whatever they think fit, without consulting local people. Now of course they will have technical expertise and guidelines and whatnot that the rest of us don't have, but I can't think it's right that decisions about our roads are made without the consultation that other planning matters have.

As for the particular question of the West End exit onto the bypass, I reserve judgement.

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