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Sunday, 22 February 2009


Family and friends become suddenly even more important at this time.

Yesterday my younger son drove me to spent a lovely day with my sister and her younger daughter and family, and my own younger daughter and family.

It was near Stratford on Avon, in the beautiful Cotswolds, and the sun shone, making it feel like spring.

Nothing too exciting. My sister had made me a birthday cake saying David Dad Grandpa Uncle Brother. When we were small, our mother and father always tried to find some new interest of ours to illustrate on our birthday cakes. For instance when I began to learn Greek, Happy Birthday was in Greek, and the same when I learned Chinese. Much later on, when a colleague and I who taught at Bruton reached the age of 60, she decorated our joint cake with a picture of two geriatrics with sticks or zimmer frames.

Now the basic relationships are what matter. Love really is the greatest.

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  1. Thank you for writing about the things that are important to you right now. I love the Socrates/St. Paul piece, the Glastonbury poem, the photos and videos of family. Sometimes I feel that a part of me and of our life as a family has had to be sacrificed for us to live over here; I feel sad that my children are growing up without being close to your generation; sad because so many of you are wise, interesting, knowledgeable and godly! Hilary