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Saturday, 28 February 2009

A full week ahead

My diary seems fuller than usual for next week.

Monday I have two pleasant musical appointments. One is to rehearse songs with a candidate for the Associated Board exams, whom I hope to accompany at the exam itself, and the other to discuss organ playing for a different exam, with my good friend John Foreman, landlord of the Ring o' Bells in Ashcott and organ devotee.

On Tuesday I am looking forward to my brother and sister-in-law's visit. That will be a real treat. They have recently moved to a village near Shrewsbury, where they are living in a vicarage in return for my brother giving 3 days a week including Sunday helping the vicar.

Wednesday is a hospital appointment, which will steer us towards the best kind of chemo treatment.

Thursday I am to see another good friend who is willing, God bless her, to keep a close eye on me when the chemo treatment begins. My children know me well enough to see that I need someone to keep me right on the practical side. Then on Thursday early evening Helen Lunt has arranged for four singers to sing my church music for recording. Well, to make a start anyway.

Friday is another treat, Not only shall I be going to see Michael Kidd, as I do most Fridays, but his daughter will be down from the Isle of Arran with her dogs, and will be giving a show with them to Pat Kidd and the other residents of The Lawns in Ashcott. This multi-talented lady has been a Crufts judge, and is skilled in healing.

Saturday my son and I hope to be off to Cambridge for a day with Classics teachers, under the Association for Latin Teaching.

So if there's not too much blog activity next week, it could be that I'm going to be spending the rest of my time asleep! 

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