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Saturday, 14 March 2009

After a night's sleep

Half past seven. Sun streaming through the window and lighting up my little bedroom picture gallery which includes a photo of Sue, a drawing by Rowena of Barbara, the Battle of the Boyne in oils, and the Rocky Valley in County Wicklow in a water-colour.

Outside the wind was blowing that eucalyptus tree that partly blocks my view of the Tor, and birds were singing in chorus.

I really was very tired last night, but used the new banisters to help me up to bed. When the man had fitted them yesterday morning I asked him if they wouldn't put splinters into you but he assured me no. While I was out someone else came to inspect the work and agreed with me, so the wood was polished, and I am now confident it's OK. It is always a blissful moment when I lie back in bed and relax.

But the evening had been excellent. Charlie picked Rowena and Nicolette up from Castle Cary station and I suggested they looked in here before going to The Bear for the night. They came like a breath of fresh air, admired the results of Chacquie's and others' hard work to make the house neat and tidy, and played my piano - which I love to hear. Nicolette has been having lessons for only a few months, but can play convincingly - she was very unwilling at first, but soon got into it. Rowena found a hymn book and played some of her favourites, including some of my favourites, too, like Jesu lover of my soul to the Welsh tune. When Charlie came back from delivering the girls to their hotel, he sat down and sight-read some more from the hymn book. He has a lot of ability.

This morning I was able to use a zapper and listen to my brother and my mother talking on tape - now on CD - about Annesley and Acton relatives she remembered.

Now I'm lying back taking it easy, with the laptop on a second of those hospital tables, this time holding the laptop in a good place for use, but not pushing down on me.

Today's jobs and delights include Barbara's family coming to see me, and getting an order of service printed for tomorrow's baptism. Dorothy will come this evening, and I had a message yesterday that Cass, Giles' Mum, hopes to make it, too, tomorrow morning. Lovely if she can.

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