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Monday, 2 March 2009

Facebook friends

Talking to a couple of teenagers in the past week, I learned that both of them used to use Facebook, but have given it up. They just didn't like the way you expose yourself to the world on it.

I must say that I hae me doots, too. Thinking I should find out what the site was all about, I set up an account under the name Ovidius Naso - the Roman name of the poet Ovid. I have enrolled various people as 'friends' and can read what they have posted on their own little section. So I know that one likes breakfast in bed on Sundays, someone else has a sore throat, a third has joined something called Honor our Fallen Soldiers, and so on.

There do seem to be a few commercials that creep in, too.

It's the difference between real (physical) friends and virtual friends, I suppose.

Having said that, I would like to set down that several people that I have 'met' only by email have written most caringly and helpfully, and I really count them among my web of support. Some have serious problems of their own, including pain that doesn't respond the way mine does to management, and my heart goes out to each one.

But Facebook? Mmmm...

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