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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

May I introduce Archbishop Cranmer?

I discovered this anglican clergyman's blog a couple of months ago. Before writing more about him, let me quote him on the death of Jade Goody:

There will be no more night, no pain, no sorrow or shame: the suffering is over. At the tender age of 27, Jade Tweed, mother of two, married for just 27 days, has died and passed into the holy light of paradise to sing the song of peace and glory. She is now with her Lord and Saviour, according to her faith, just as he has promised.

There were tears and sadness, but she wanted to be remembered for the laughter she brought. There will be very many who do not care, for who was she to them or they to her? There will be some who are relieved at her departure, sickened by the incessant, trivia-obsessed voyeurism of the tedious red-top notion of dumbed-down celebrity. There will be those who scoff at the paucity of her biblical understanding; who question the validity of her repentance and the efficacy of her death-bed baptism; who pour scorn upon her imperfect grasp of the soteriological and theological imperatives.....

Now, "Archbishop Cranmer" is politically right wing, and as you can see, orthodoxly Christian. Among his targets are the government's support of anti-Christian groups, and its favouring of Muslim over Christian causes.

I am not a tory, or a member of any political party, but I have to agree with many of "Cranmer's" attacks. Christians must stand up for their faith and their Lord. If you don't mind being alternately irritated and inspired, then a glance at his blog could be a tonic/stimulus.

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