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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Music Video of the Day - Fiddle Fugue

Bach wrote this for unaccompanied violin, as he wrote the Chaconne that I posted a day or two ago. He also arranged it for organ. I tried playing the original violin part on the piano with my left hand, and this is the result. The playing is poor, I know, but it is a challenge to continue to make music.


  1. David, I cannot rush off to work without posting a quick comment on your wonderful rendering of Bach, for the Left Hand. It is remarkable. The effort, dtermination, spiritual strength and sheer SKILL and force of character required to complete this particular task, or affirmation, of Bach, is huge. Bravo. It was a wonderful listen, and great to see you communing with Bach like this.
    If you havent a full house of visitors, I hope to drop by later, love Helen

  2. Thanks, Helen. It will be great to see you. I am hoping I'll have a completed cello plus piano-left-hand piece we could try.