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Friday, 27 March 2009

Music Audio of the Day - John Smart plays Bach and Schubert

Here is John Smart introducing and playing unaccompanied Bach

And here John and I play a Schubert sonatina in D major.

The concert was given in Street Parish Church three or four years ago.


  1. What an amazing way to begin the day - listening to John's Bach ! Fantastic vibrant dance-like Bach, even when tuning up your violin, you sounded jazzy and dance-like. The Bach was pure heaven.

    Then the Schubert - what a lovely performance, I think i remember being there actually, and it is a real treat to replay that lovely concert. Well done both of you, and a lovely record to have, on the blogspot. David, you are a genius, both on piano and on the recording thereof.

  2. Thanks a million, Helen, as we say in Ireland. Credit where it's due, first to the wonderful John Smart and his great musicianship; then to Charlie for the recording on mini-disc; and finally to Trevor who spent ages retrieving the music and doing all the editing that you don't notice when you listen, but would notice if it weren't done - coughs and bangs, 'peaks' of sound that are just on the edge of distortion. So thanks, team!