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Thursday, 12 March 2009

My day

Well, activity goes on. Helen whisked me off after lunch to accompany her as she had a singing lesson with Julie (who is in the Grade 8 exam photo), and I enjoyed playing favourite songs like Silent Noon.

When we returned to the house we heard that one of the doctors had called, and wanted me to see her at the surgery straight away. It sounded serious, so Helen kindly took me there, and after about 15 minutes the doctor saw me. She had been alerted by the district nurse yesterday, and gave my legs and tum a good going over. Fortunately she was very reassuring, so it was good I went.

Since then Charlie has cooked the most exquisite supper with unusual mushrooms and cheeses. Meanwhile Chacquie has been going through some of my stuff and putting photos together ready for me to label - that's another little project. Charlie found a VHS player so that I could watch the video made in 1994 of Yeomen of the Guard in the Strode, in which I had a small part. John Gray kindly lent it to us. I have taken a little excerpt and put it on YouTube, so that will be on the blog later.

Tomorrow will be another full day...

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