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Friday, 27 March 2009

Sorting out my finances

Among the other advantages of having warning of one's death is being given the time to see that one's will and financial arrangements are in order.

My adviser came round just before lunch and he explained the position to my sons and me. It seems that the trust I set up last year is going to be the right thing, and that I shan't be in danger of incurring inheritance tax - or rather my children won't.

I think I may have rather surprised my present and previous advisers by making it clear to them that I am more concerned with ethical investment than with becoming richer. I remember that my parents held to the Bible command: If riches increase, set not your heart upon them.

My father used to be very grateful to the Church Commissioners who paid his clergy pension, for giving him such a good standard of living. He was not by any means rich as people count wealth these days, but he had never been extravagant, and his income had always been greater than his needs. I have found that my income, too, has always been enough for my needs, and I thank God for supplying not only my needs, but enough for a bit more, too.

For very many years I have had a Tithe Account at the bank, where the money for giving away is kept. It makes me feel rich when some call on our generosity comes, and I am able to write a cheque on the Tithe Account without feeling in any way that I am depriving myself. The money has been given to God from the start, and it is his. I am just acting as his steward.

I sometimes have to explain to the people in the bank what the tithe means. What a shame that every Christian does not tithe.

I hope this does not read as if I am boasting. I feel that giving is a great part of the Christian way of life, and I was brought up to think it natural. And God is no one's debtor. He is waiting to pour out his gifts, including financial gifts, but can't pour them into a tight-closed fist.


  1. John Ditchfield28 March 2009 at 12:00

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    I'm surprised to hear your adviser was shocked by your request- has an interesting general article on the performance of ethical and environmental investments.

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