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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today's music midi - a Bach imitation

This is just a curiosity, really. When I was a schoolboy I discovered Bach's concertos for two harpsichords and orchestra, and played them with a slightly older friend called Peter Harrup. He actually hired a practice studio in London for our two-piano sessions.

Round about the same time I was studying Thucydides in my sixth form Greek history lessons, and we read the famous speech that the Athenian leader Pericles made t commemorate the dead at the end of the first year of war with the Spartans. It inspired me to respond in some way, and my natural way at that moment was to write music, and in the style of the two-keyboard Bach works.

The piece was all written in pencil, on hand-ruled music lines, in a school exercise book. I digitalised it a few years ago, and turned it into a midi, which is a mechanical way of listening to printed music. I have been through it and put in little variations in the tempo, so that it doesn't sound quite so mechanical. I also changed one of the piano parts so that it plays with a string sound.

You can hear the result here.

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