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Friday, 13 March 2009

Today's people

Michael Kidd came and picked me up mid morning today, and we went out to the Beijing Buffet in Burnham-on-sea, a place we've often been before and which I can recommend. You serve yourself and can go back for more. We noticed a party of ladies, assorted ages, some of whom made three journeys to the servery.

Chinese at BurnhamFor the first time I gave in and used a spoon as well as chopsticks, the right arm not working very well any more.

But it was a good meal.

Michael drove us across the Somerset Levels including little roads I had not seen before, and I snapped away through the windscreen, hoping I could make a slideshow that gives the atmosphere of this unique bit of England. When the uploads have finished, I shall put a slideshow on the blog.

Afterwards Michael and I listened to pieces of his that I have played and recorded, and wondered about the best order to hear them in, if they were ever to be recorded as a programme.

Waiting for me as I came through the back door was John Greed, our lovely Rector, to see that I had everything we need for the baptism on Sunday of Grace and Sophie, my younger granddaughters. Good to have a chat with him

Anne Chapman with a gift of fruitSoon after I got home, at 4ish, my Classics colleague of 13 years at Bruton School for Girls, Anne Chapman, paid a most welcome visit. She is not a Greek, so I need not 'fear the Greeks bearing gifts' - and she brought a most magnificent gift of fruit.

John Greed had brought yet another gift, a beautiful arrangement of flowers from the Nicholson-Lely family. Jake is an expert with flowers, and I hear he is just about to open a shop. I wish him very well.

And more ... Charlie had been to the Red Cross depot and hired a special table that will adjust in several directions, and chiefly will hold a laptop as I am in bed or on a chair or sofa. Very useful and practical.

And one of the District Nurse team dropped in to see I was OK and give me a book of notes, including weekend emergency phone number.

Oh yes, and an efficient chap came and fixed a handrail to the wall side of the stairs early this morning.

All go. Now, I shall wait and see when the photos have uploaded.

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