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Friday, 6 March 2009

What happened today

It has been a lovely early spring day again. I can just about see Glastonbury Tor from my bedroom window. We used to have a clear view, but a neighbour grew a tree that blocks it a bit now.

I visited my dear friend Michael Kidd, and had the blessing of a full laying on of hands, as Sarah wnet from one part of the body to another, spending time over each, and letting, as she said, love channel through her.

Then I went ot see a delightful friednly oncologist at Musgrove Park Hospital, and we reviewed how I was doing. To my great relief and pleasure she advised what I really want in my heart, that they should not interfere with surgery or chemotherapy. She told me that chemo had only just over a 50/50 chance of doing good, and that she didn't think it was the best for me, because it might make some of my remaining time needlessly unpleasant.

So the plan is that I stay here at home, looked after by Charlie, Chacquie and the teams of nurses, deat and drink what I enjoy, do the activities that I enjoy and think important, and expect to lose energy, but probably not suffer pain, until my Lord calls me home.

With that I am more than content.

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