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Friday, 6 March 2009

What happened yesterday

I had a very happy time yesterday with the recording of my church music, and do appreciate so much Helen's setting it all up. I was very flattered that Malcolm asked to use some of the pieces. As I told him, they were all written for the less than professional (to put it mildly). And better sung than filed away. The sound the four of them made unaccompanied was really beautiful.

Dorothy and David and Chacquie came to church to hear, and all said they enjoyed the time very much. I was not too tired at all. After sitting up for soup and sandwiches with the guests I retired to my sofa and spent a restful evening, with Charlie helping me at bedtime with all the practical things like taking the right pills and getting my laptop set up by my bed for using now when I feel bright and fresh. In fact the sun is streaming in on my little picture gallery n the bedroom - in the centre, an oil painting of William of Orange at the Battle of the Boynne, below it an Irish landscape in watercolour by a well-known Irish artist, not my cousin Gladys, to the left a photo of Sue, and a watercolour by my grandmother of her house in Wicklow, and to the right a pencil drawing of Rowena of Barbara.

Chacquie (her name was spelled in the normal way, but she decided she was going to be distinctive!) spent the time while the rest of us were at supper going through my bedroom like the proverbial dose of salts. She knows me so well that she does just what I would want, and doesn't throw away anything she sees I might have a use for; but the result is a tidy-looking bedroom. And she found the base for the video camera Charlie was using, without which we can't get the film onto a computer. A long-felt want. The quality of video is better on the proper video camera, naturally.

Charlie is going to the Red Cross this morning to hire a wheelchair for the Cambridge journey. The Social Services are going to fix an extra handrail for the stairs, on the wall. Two people came from there yesterday, one of them with ten years' experience, and the other new to the service, but lived in BeiJing and speaks fluent Chinese! So we had a delighted recognition and exchanged a few words in Mandarin. I think he will come again and we'll have another go. I am so rusty. He excused himself saying he hadn't spoken for 5 months. I said I hadn't spoken for 50 years!

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