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Friday, 3 April 2009

On the nostalgia trail

Among my visitors today was one from a nursing service, very interesting.

Adrian and Sarah McConnaughie came to lunch and Dolly MacDougall dropped in with Beatrice. So it was a jolly party.

My brother Robert is spending tonight at Monkton Combe, the school we both went to, at a conference on Monkton's Christian heritage.

It turned out that Charlie had never been to see the school, and that Dorothy liked the idea of seeing the school, so we made an expedition. Charlie drove me there, and Robert drove Dorothy. We parked in the Farm Yard, and had a little tour of the 'new' buildings.

Then we went in wheel-chair procession down the lower path by the swimming pool to the Dining Hall to see whether I could get into the Old Hall for a cup of tea, but no. We found a new area with sitting places, very pleasant. I sat in the wheel-chair and some people I knew, like Ray Lockhart, came and chatted. Christopher Rogers was very attentive, too. I tried to remember on video what went on in the various rooms I could spot from where I was. We left at 6 pm.

Because it was more or less bedtime when we got home, I went straight upstairs. The great thing is that Charlie found that with a push on each step, on the right part of the anatomy, I can still make progress up the stairs and arrive at the landing in fairly good shape. Thank God.

A lot of pictures were taken today, so I shall post a selection asap.

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  1. Hi, David,
    I just missed you yesterday - as you left the car park at MCS, I came in in my yellow car. You might have seen it.
    I saw quite a bit of Robert & chatted to him about you - we sat together in the final meeting in the Chapel yesterday afternoon & we both prayed for you.
    I send you my Christian love & concern & pray that God will be very real & close to you.
    We have not met since we were both together at MCS - I was there 1949-53. You were one of the ( I think) 8 friends I had called David, including David Ives, David Maddocks, etc !
    I too have had cancer cells but mercifully the infection was caught early & I had the prostrate operation some 8 years ago & praise God I am now fully restored.
    God obviously has a different work for you to do & I do hope that this blog is a help to you & others who read it.
    I have heard of blogs before, but Robert mentioning you as having one, has caused me to do something I have never done before, namely to read & respond to such a blog.
    You probably don't remember me, ( I was in Fram House, did History RE, & English at A level & left as early as I could to become a solicitor & do my law degree at B'ham Univ at teh same time as my articles)
    I went to the Called to Serve Conference at MCS on Friday in order to take part in a poster exhibition about The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, which is where my wife Janet & I have been privileged to serve 13 times - we have been for periods of between 5 & 12 weeks over a period since 1992 - we were there in Feb & March this year.
    If it helps to correspond, I will be pleased to do so.
    May God bless & keep you.
    So glad you have Charlie to help you - my second name is Charles, so he must be a good chap - give him my greetings.

    Ian Sinclair
    0121 705 7183