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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Today is Thursday

Well! My impression of the day is that it began with lots of people busy with all sorts of things including music; then there was a time with Dorothy and Robert; then sleep; and now a gentle move into the evening routine.

From around 10.30 people began to arrive: David and Dorothy from Alderminster; John Smart from Exeter where he is working at present; Helen Lunt from nearby; Michael Kidd from Ashcott; Robert from near Shrewsbury. John took a video of Helen and me playing through my latest piece, "Romance". Please bear in mind that it is only a play-through, not a properly rehearsed performance. You can see from the video what a crowded state the room was in.

Then Helen and John gave me and Michael a wonderful private recital of unaccompanied Bach.

Chacquie made us a lunch of salmon and tasty stuff, and then went off on an errand of mercy - hospital visiting.

Anne and Marcus Chapman paid a welcome visit. It's a little while since I saw Marcus, who was then a leading light in the Millfield Academic Society. He has clearly got a goodly share of his parents' brains. I hear that Alexandra is in Oz.

I edited the "Romance" as a video, and then went to sleep for a while - well, quite a long time. Woke up and added the video to this blog. Then supper time. And up the stairs - now a major achievement.

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