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Sunday, 5 April 2009


There's been a gap after my visit to my old school. I took yesterday off, as it were. I stayed in bed all day, and slept a lot. Michael Kidd came to visit, but apart from that the day was uneventful.

At the same time I increased my morphine dose, which meant I was more sleepy - and shall be until the brain gets used to it, as my doctor tells me.

This morning (Sunday) was Sunrise! the half hour event in the Parish Church for babies and infant school age children with their parents and carers. Since that is something I brought back from Bristol, I asked Charlie if he could take me there to see the folks gathered there. We got there in time, and spent a pleasant half hour chatting with everyone.

Forbes MacDougall was waiting for us there, and he came home with us. He showed me wedding photos from last year. Afterwards Peter and Mary Axhorn came on a welcome though short visit. Finally Michael Kidd came and gave good advice about the cello piece I wrote recently.

I hope to put a few pictures in a different post.

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