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Thursday, 19 March 2009

The day

Another lovely sunny day. My brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Liz, came all the way from Shrewsbury and returned this evening, and I greatly enjoyed their visit. We saw some of the Somerset Levels, before going to the Ninesquare woodland near Collard Hill, south of Street, and enjoying the views and the sunshine among the trees. Before we left the birds began their evening song, completing the joy.

Trevor set off on his bicycle after lunch for Templecombe station and so to

London, but promises to be back soon. Barbara is to visit tomorrow. John Smart will come tomorrow morning, bringing violin, so I have written a tiny album-leaf for us to try to play - well, that I shall try to play; John will have no difficulty.

I was so glad when Charlie got me a set of Narnia books, and I was able to copy out the bit about Reepicheep.

Had a phone call from Tony Joyce, my vicar when I went to Downend as junior curate. He and Mary are kindly planning to visit. Lovely message from Downend fellowship as well.

Hope to post pics of the woodland tomorrow.

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