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Monday, 26 May 2008

Another great Children'sFest

There were emotional moments when the parents and children had gone from the Parish Church, and the helpers stayed to hear a few words from Sarah McConnaughie before the clearing up began. It was Sarah and Adrian's fifth and last Children'sFest, and they, with Dave and Jenny Collins and a great band of helpers, have put a mountain of work into making them all successful.

Today's was mostly indoors, because of the weather. Apparently we should have moved up north, where they had a brilliant sunny day. But somehow or other it all went well. Not without effort, though. I saw Jim flat out on the floor behind a pew just after the final activity session, utterly worn out by his almost non-stop leading of energetic games.

Helpers were asking each other during the day what would happen next year, without the McC family. The general opinion was that the Fest would happen, but we were all sure it would be different. Well, God gives different people different gifts.

For now, we give thanks for a great day.

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