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Monday, 25 June 2007

Anyone know about Henry Willey?

I pass on this query emailed to the Street Society site.

I am trying to trace the parentage of Henry Willey, my great grandfather,
born 1834 and found in the 1851 Census living as a servant with Robert
Mattock,a farmer at Pitminster. A wedding certificate issued in Swansea
in 1861 lists his father as James Willey, shoemaker, who may later have
lived in Street. I would be grateful for any guidance you could give me
in regard to any direction I could pursue.

Mr Willey gives his email address as graham.wiley(at), but possibly it should be a double L.

I have recommended him to try Clarks archivist and Bygone Years in Street
website, But if you have any leads he could follow up, I am sure they
would be welcomed.

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