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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

That large blue

I hope I'm not too late to see the butterfly this year. This report is from the National Trust:

Britain's rarest butterfly emerges early

This year has brought the earliest ever recorded sighting of the Large Blue Butterfly at the National Trust’s Collard Hill in Somerset - the only fully accessible site in Britain where the public can see Britain's rarest butterfly.

On 2nd June, the first Large Blue of 2007 was spotted at Collard Hill. There will be a special open day at the site on Sunday 24 June 2007. Visitors will be able to talk to the wardens, learn more about the Large Blue's extraordinary lifecycle and comeback from extinction - and hopefully get to see the Large Blue itself!

Matthew Oates, one of the leading butterfly experts in the and National Trust Nature Conservation Adviser, says, “Last year over 600 visitors, including a five day old baby - came to see Large Blues at Collard Hill.

The Trust is looking forward to welcoming visitors of all levels of expertise again this June. But don’t leave it too late, the good weather means they have arrived early and may have finished by July.”

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