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Friday, 30 May 2008

Shotgun and police siege in Walton; high-speed police chase in Street

What is going on?

I've just picked up my local paper and I find two stories on the front page that you'd think should belong in an inner city area.

One is about a high speed police chase of 5 men who (allegedly) were robbing the Football Club. Read it here.

The other is about an incident on Monday when a man was seen (allegedly) with a shotgun in Asney Road in Walton. Helicopter overhead, police cars screeching to a halt and armed men getting out. But it all ended peacefully, and the official sentence at the end of the report just says:
A Walton man has been arrested on suspicion of firearms offences following what was described as a domestic incident at a house in Asney Road. Investigations are continuing.

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