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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Early Bird

Dear Barbara has been here today, and has gone to bed already, because she intends to wake at 4am and drive back to begin an ordinary day before Giles has to set off for work. Wow!

Barbara took me for a great walk in the wheelchair around Overleigh, taking in White Nights and Longmeadow. If you don't know about these, see my video on Overleigh and the website on Laurence Housman.

People have been doing their best to get around the stair-lift problem, without any definite result yet. Apparently 4 years ago it would have been legal to put one in, but I suppose some bored Brussels bureaucrat decided he would make life difficult for the majority by defining the size of platform at the top of the stairs, and forbidding a lift where you can't fit that size. Grrrr!!

Rowena will be with Charlie now, on her way from the station. --- update: C has got back, and R safely in hotel --- I look forward to seeing her in the morning, and also, Robert and Liz, and Cass and Harold. Another special day - they come thick and fast!

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