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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Music of the Day

I sang this Michael Kidd song during a Walton Flower Festival on the theme of Somerset work and leisure. I think it's a fine song, and am glad that it was recorded.

England is, in Somerset, as England must have been (47 mb download)

The lyric is by Mabs Holland, who died perhaps 20 years ago and was a collector of Somerset legends as well as a poet.

England is in Somerset as England must have been
when Philip was our enemy and red-haired Bess was Queen;
Then ringing through the valleys over every dale and down
came a trumpet call for England, and the drummer rolled for England
while the bounding heart of England beat beneath a velvet gown.

Oh listen now in Somerset whichever way you go,
beyond the darkening hillsides and rivers there below
You'll hear an echoing trumpet and a drum beat soft but clear
sounding England, England, England as it did in yesteryear.

In battle men of Somerset were always ready there;
in peace they gave the sword release unto a ploughman's share,
to till a golden garden in a country-man's own way,
from the clarion call each morning when the drummer rolled the dawning
till the hills were kissed with silver mist to end the working day.

So listen all you travellers as wandering you go,
where a drummer pounds and trumpet sounds
on bonny breezes blow.
Then as he goes a-furrowing, a plough-man you will hear singing
England is and will be yet, in Somerset as it was in yesteryear.

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