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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Norman and chess pieces

Among very welcome visitors Trevor caught Norman Parker on camera, along with one of his pictures that I am lucky enough to have on my wall. An exchange for piano lessons, long ago.Norman Parker

By the way, let me introduce a couple of Sue's paintings as well. The picture above my head, the green trees over a river, is near Hadrian's Wall. I walked the Wall from East to West, being dropped by Sue at each day's starting point. She would find a good place for painting, and we would meet again, perhaps for lunch, and in the evening to go to a Youth Hostel.

The next one, nearer Norman, is of Poland. In 1990 Sue came with me as I found my birthplace in Warsaw, and also travelled to the south, to the Tatra Mountins. Up where the picture was painted was like another world, where the horse still reigned in farming and the views were superb.

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