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Monday, 23 March 2009

This and that

A breeze outside, sunshine on the bright yellow forsythia blossom. The cherry-plum blossom has almost covered the tree now.

Chacquie came back last night, and a nice German lady came from Candlelight to see if I needed help getting to bed. With two strong sons, and Chacquie, we didn't need practical help, but had a nice chat about Lake Constance, where she was brought up, and Ireland, where she met her English husband.

This morning I am expecting to be measured for my stair-lift. It ought to arrive and be set in place just about the right day, because climbing the stairs is still possible, but seems harder each day. I do want to be convenient for the bathroom as long as possible.

We watched the second episode of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency last night, and voted it better than last week's slow start. Really excellent entertainment. I wish it were an hour earlier.

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