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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Why no post yet today?

A surprise phone call from my daughter Barbara this morning told me she was going to bring the girls to visit me today. On Sunday I am to have the great pleasure and privilege of baptizing them, and this was a chance for them to get used to my limited mobility and so not be taken aback on Sunday.

You can imagine that with the family around, blogging has to take a back seat. But I was touched that two emails came, concerned that there was no blog and hoping I was OK.

Not only was there this family visit, but a nurse came and was very friendly, professional and helpful; she had time to chat about the pictures in my bedroom - I was still a slug-abed when she arrived. After activity like yesterday's I do appreciate a little extra rest.

But wait, the activities are not nearly over yet. A lot of equipment arrived, including an electric bath seat. The people from the Piper alarm system set it up, and now I have a red panic button around my wrist next to me watch. And Chacquie came, and she and Charlie talked about how they would share the work, with Charlie being my chief nurse and Chacquie seeing that the house was in good order. Chacquie worked away in her usual tactful and efficient way. And I had a lovely visit from Social Services. I may introduce this person sometime under a different title - mysterious, but we'll see. I don't want to embarrass anyone.

The photos are taking a long time to upload, ready for inclusion on the blog, so I shall end this post and put a choice pic or two on another post.

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