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Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Easter Message in pictures


The image is a montage we have made of the images from two cards which arrived today. By chance, both are by the same artist, Alan Kiernan. The card on the right is from Margaret Drury, one of my friends who lives in York, a member of ARLT. The card on the left is from Cass and Harry, my daughter Barbara's in-laws. (I wish there was a more direct English term for this relationship, which is important to me. Let us call them 'fellow grandparents').

Reading from right to left in each of the two pictures is reading from darkness to light and from death to life. We see the Cross making the bridge from the unbroken black of hopelessness, by means of Christ's blood, to a new life. Looking left, I see a bedroom curtain from which the dove, representing the Holy Spirit, is flying out. Whitsun is just around the corner, with its promise of a Spirit-filled life. Now the black, into which the spirit is flying, is merely a background to the star-filled heavens.


  1. You were asking about naming fellow parents. In Spain I believe they have such a term - "CONSUEGO" ( spelling may not be correct, please correct this )and I think in Spain the fellow grandparents are much closer together than in this country, by custom or by geography.

  2. Thank you Helen. Clever things, these Latinate languages!