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Friday, 10 April 2009

Maundy Thursday

Rowena, David, Barbara and Trevor

Rowena, David, Barbara and Trevor

David and Alan
David with Alan Ripley, who looks after retired clergy locally. Alan told us about his interest in spinning and weaving, which he learnt from a Benedictine monk.

Huddling from the rain

The Reynolds family are staying all week, and were enjoying themselves, and the company of cousin Nicolette, despite today's damp weather.

Rowena and David at their keyboards

Rowena and David at their keyboards.

David with Jenny and Peter

Jenny and Peter from Downend came to visit.

Helen Lunt

Helen Lunt dropped in with flowers and fudge.

Full house

All in all it was a busy day in Ivythorn Road.

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  1. Great to see everyone, and David sitting up.Enjoy every moment!